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9 Best Modules to Make Promotional Banners in Beaver Builder

If you are new to online business and trying to find ways to increase your webpage traffic, here is your sign to create a promotional banner. Even if you’re already aware of it, You can boost your designing techniques. 

Various companies and websites are working very hard on their advertising, as this is an exclusive business campaign/strategy. This article will give you a detailed explanation of how to create an effective promotional banner for your business using the 9 best modules for beaver builder. Read it till the end to create your own promotional flyer with us. 

Before digging deep into telling you all the secrets to making a creative promotional banner, let’s first discuss what is actually a promotional banner. 

What are Promotional Banners?

Promotional banners are advertisements that can be displayed on your webpage or on other pages to catch the attention of customers. Promo banners help you advertise/market the product by adding sales, discounts, or different offers and create awareness among your visitors. 

Banner advertisements are being used since the beginning of the world wide web. The first online marketplace “Boston computer exchange” made its name by displaying its ads online. You can think of it as a billboard displayed on the internet. 

With the increased awareness of the online world, various stores are making their online webpage to boost their business and sales. And there is a lot of competition in creating or designing a perfect promotional banner. 

What Makes Promotional Banners Successful?

There are various reasons which make any promotional banner successful like what is your business goals, which type of audience you are targeting, how are you designing your advertisement, what are your marketing strategies, and on what sites or pages you are displaying your banners. 

See, you must consider a diverse range of points before or after making a promotional banner. But the important one is “Are your promotional banners good enough to catch your customer’s attention?”

Make your goal to reach many customers and catch their attention, and grow your website. 

Why is it Important to Design a Catchy Promotional Banner?

Making a creative promotional banner will help to

  • Increase the number of clicks/impressions on your webpage.
  • Boost your online traffic
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Generate leads
  • Compel visitors to open your webpage
  • Enhance the number of sales 

How Can You Design a Promotional Banner on Beaver Builder?

Download and install Xpro beaver addons to design your own promotional banner on the beaver builder page. It will help you add custom changes by creating a layout of your imagination. You can use Xpro features and Xpro modules to design a magical promotional banner. Xpro Addons provides a diverse range of features and modules that you can use to make a magical promotional banner. 

Get ahold of creative, media,  content, or other categories of modules by purchasing a pro bundle with exclusive functionality. Make sure, you have enabled all the modules before designing a promotional banner.  

You can use multiple styling modules to make your promotional banner very attractive. Choose an image module to create visual effects, add custom color combinations, display a timer with a countdown timer module, and much more.

9 Best Modules You Can Use To Create An Effective Promotional Banner

To create an effective promotional banner, it is important to keep your prospects in the mind. Make your promotional banner in such a way that how it can attract your client’s attention so that they’re compelled to purchase your products.

1. Eye-catching Headlines 

To make a start in creating a sales promo flyer, it is important to think of an enticing headline on it. Engage your visitors by displaying something unique or incredible that they feel obliged to visit your website and check what your company is offering. 

Add easily readable font styles to capture the interest of your customers/prospects. Add eye-catching font colors and make your headings bold to create curiosity even if they are not paying complete attention to your ad.

Use the Xpro heading module to add custom features and designs to your heading. Boost the number of clicks and impressions on your promo banner using this technique.  Here is an idea for the heading on your promotional banner


2. Visual Elements

Adding Visual elements like relevant images and icons can make it easy for the prospects to understand the concept of your advertisement. A tip is to make your ad visually enticing in a way that any person who does not know how to read, can understand the concept/content of your ad. 

Add relevant images and icons for example if you’re adding a discount sale on your products, add a cart or shopping bag icon to help your visitors understand the purpose of your ad.  

Use numbers to draw the attention of your users like “50% OFF” Or “70% OFF”. Define your frame of the banner in such a way that it becomes more prominent on the screen. 

Use the Xpro Image module to make your image personalizable in a perfect format. Keep these tips in mind and use different features to boost the value of your promotional banner. 

This way you can enhance or increase the sales of your business. 


3. Create an Urgency with a Countdown Timer

Instilling an urgency by adding a timer on your discount sales, or promotions is the best way to grab the attention of your visitors. This is a professional method to boost traffic by creating a sense of fear in your visitors to miss out on the opportunity to buy a product. 

Adding a countdown timer to your promotional banner helps them make the immediate decision to purchase right away. Even if they are not looking for something to buy, they will be interested to check your products and offers. In another way, adding a timer on your promo ad banner alert the visitors or prospects of your upcoming or ongoing sales. 

Take a glimpse of the styling features provided by the Xpro countdown module and make your timer more exclusive. 


4. An Effective Call to Action (CTA)

An effective call to action on the promotional banner will help you increase the number of clicks and generate leads. The text on the button should provide clear information like “learn more”, “Get started, or “Buy Now” to increase conversions on your page. Make the call to action button easy to use and with colors that are more eye-catching. 

You can use related icons with the text on the buttons to make them more effective and user-friendly like you can use the “cart icon” on the “Add to cart button”. 

It is more helpful if you place the conversion link everywhere on the banner so that the visitors can easily open the webpage. 

Try using the Xpro button module for beaver builder to make your call to action more attractive. Xpro is providing a list of features that you can add to make your CTA button catch more attention from your visitors.  


5. Design an Enticing Banner Pattern/ Visual Hierarchy

Add a visual hierarchy to your promotional banner to make it easily understandable by the visitors. Hierarchy means the order of your promotional banner. Ensure that all the important elements on your webpage are more visible with the increased font size. It will make the customers catch their attention right after looking at your promo advertising banner. 

Take a shot at Xpro addons for beaver builder to add a professional and appealing look to your promotional banner. You can add different transform effects to make the banner more visually enticing. 


6. Showcase Relevant Brand/Product Features

Adding the list of features that make your brand unique or providing information about the products creates an impressive look on the promotional banner. Adding the features list also creates trust among potential customers.

Think of yourself as a customer, why you would trust a new brand or click on the promotional banner? If a webpage claims to provide the features that no other website has, obviously you’ll click on it to learn more. Advertise your hallmarks in a distinct way to catch the attention of your visitors. 

If you haven’t tried Xpro addons for beaver builder, you can utilize the “Xpro info list module” to make your feature list more unique. Xpro allows you to add images and icons to your info list. You’ll be blown up that you can add customized backgrounds, typography, and various styles to your info/feature list.  


7. Use Lottie Animations 

With the increased competition in making the more appealing banner, designers are using animations for advertising. Lottie animations are in hype these days, as they can be customized the way you want. They have higher scalability and frame sets than Gifs. You can make your promotional banner more interactive using Lottie animations. 

Get control of your animations using the Xpro Lottie module by enabling the loop effects or customizing its speed. 


8. Make it Visually Appealing with Floating effects

Adding the bouncing effects and making the elements float can be used to catch customers’ attention. Add floating effects to your promo sales flyers and attract your audience. If you analyze the online click-through rate on floating ads, you’ll see how these effects create more clicks than simple banner ads. 

We all are looking for ways to improve our marketing strategies, right? So why not start improving these little things to create a big impact? 

Activate Xpro addons for beaver builder and use its floating effects to build a catchy promotional banner for your website. You can use this advanced feature of Xpro without learning any codes. 


9. Flaunt your Brand Identity

Adding a Logo or brand identity on the promotional banner is like icing on the top. Using a logo on your promotional banner will help build your website’s authority. It also builds trust among visitors or potential buyers. 

Create customized changes in your logo to match the theme of your advertising banner. You can use the Xpro logo grid/carousel module to power up your banner. 

Here you go!

Hope this article has provided you with enough information in creating an effective promotional banner to catch the customer’s attention. Implement these strategies and create your own captivating banner. For your ease, here is a template design option for you.  


Alina Ajmal

Alina Ajmal is a vehement content and copywriter who loves to write on everything specifically technology. The feeling of giving words to thoughts keeps her going! Apart from writing, she loves mystery and photography.

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