Why Choose Beaver Builder Countdown Timer | Top 7 Benefits

Why Choose Beaver Builder Countdown Timer Module | Top 7 Benefits

Sale season is going on, and you want to grab the audience’s attention towards your product. Competition is heavy among businesses and there are several ways to make an edge over the competition. Similarly, marketers use various strategies to gain customers’ attention, and displaying a countdown timer on your website is one of them.

Many countdown timer plugins, modules, and widgets are popular in the market. But choosing the best and easy-to-use countdown timer module is quite a skillful task. 

Here comes the Beaver Builder Countdown timer module that offers unique customization options to label days, hours, and minutes in a timer. No doubt, Beaver Builder is a popular WordPress page builder. And it has a big market of beaver builder addons that offer effective countdown timer modules. 

But according to our experts’ research Xpro beaver builder countdown timer module allow users to create eye-catchy timers with exclusive styling options such as 4+ separator styles, custom typography, 3+ column layouts, gradient background, diverse action type, and much more.

Moreover, there’re several benefits of using a countdown timer on your Beaver builder website. This blog article will list all the key benefits and whats & hows of using a beaver builder countdown timer on your website.

So, Are you ready? It’s time to dive in!

What is the Beaver Builder Countdown Timer Module?

The Beaver Builder countdown timer is an effective module with awesome functionality. This module lets users add neat and sleek countdown timers to create urgency. A countdown timer increases audience and works like magic if you’re launching a product, or organizing seminars, webinars, and events. This module is especially effective for promoting flash sales, limited-time discounts, and time-limited offers.

When users see a timer ticking down, they are more likely to make decisions and take desired actions. Beaver builder addon offers versatile countdown timer modules which give various customization options with a user-friendly interface.

How to Place a Countdown Timer on Your Website Without Coding?

Placing a countdown timer on your website using a coding process might leave you frustrated, so here’s an easy-to-use method with the Beaver Builder countdown timer module.

If you’re using the Xpro beaver builder addon, then placing a countdown timer on your website is a piece of cake. So, let’s get into exploring the precise and headache-free method of putting a countdown timer on a website.

First thing first, you need to install and activate the Xpro Beaver builder addons- Lite and then get a premium version of Xpro Beaver Builder Addons. If you already have the plugin installed, just make sure the countdown timer Module is ‘Enabled’, so you can find it in the Beaver Builder page editor.

After enabling the module from the WordPress dashboard, you can drag-drop the countdown timer module in the Beaver builder editor, so you can style it further.

  • In a general setting, you can add date & time, labels, and expire action messages.
  • Then, in the styling section, you can do general styling, time styling, and label styling.
  • In the styling section, this module offers to edit background type & color, adjust width and height, choose border type, add spacing, edit typography, give margin, and much more.
  • Give inline styling to days, hours, minutes, and second labels. Add background type, give a border, and adjust the color scheme to make it visually appealing.

By following this “how to use” guide, you can design an attractive countdown timer on your website.

If you want further guidance and a step to step guide then head over to documentation “how to configure the beaver builder countdown timer

Why Use Beaver Builder Countdown Timer – Top 7 Benefits

You must have explored your favorite brand online on regular bases. Remember a time, you scrolled the website page and there was a seasonal sale going on? The countdown timer shows a sale offer for a limited time and this generates excitement inside you to grab your favorite piece as soon as possible. 

That’s how countdown timers work. It makes visitors purchase and benefit from that limited-time sale offer. Countdown timers help users estimate the time required for a specific launch or event. If you’re organizing a webinar, by displaying the time remaining until the event starts, you create anticipation and remind users to mark their calendars. It ensures users that they don’t miss a specific event.

Let’s take a look at some other key benefits and explore the potential of this ideal beaver builder countdown timer module.

Create a Sense of Urgency- FOMO IS REAL!

Let’s face it, FOMO is deep-rooted in human nature. Humans don’t want to miss opportunities, new deals, and new exciting events. The Beaver builder countdown timer module holds great importance in making an attractive timer on the website. These attractive countdown timers create urgency that is impossible to ignore.

Imagine this! You stumble upon a website where the countdown timer is boldly displayed. This generates an excitement inside you that time is ticking away. You have to get benefit from that limited offer. This creates a powerful psychological effect on the human brain. It energizes a primary instinct in us- the fear of missing out on a precious thing. 

Pushes Users to Make a Purchase

Countdown timers propel users to make quick decisions, as their fate hangs in the balance. This module has a remarkable ability to push users to make a purchase and supercharge their shopping desires. 

Imagine! You browse an online store and spot a countdown timer next to a jaw-dropping deal. You feel adrenaline rush into your vision and realize the urgency of the situation. The time is ticking and your favorite deal is slipping away in front of your eyes. “What you will do?” you make a quick decision to not let that product out of your grasp. It ultimately pushes you to make a quick purchase.

Countdown timers rise a burning desire inside users to act swiftly and secure what they want.

Increase Conversion and Sales

The urgency of the situation, and quick purchasing decisions eventually lead to more conversion and bulky sales. Countdown timers possess an extraordinary ability to push users toward sales. It allows users to buy their specific product in a limited time and lead towards conversion. 

Countdown timers act like imaginary bomb timers, demand immediate action, and urge customers to seize the opportunity before it vanished. The sense of urgency they create leaves no choice but to act swiftly.

The magical effect of a countdown timer towards impulsive buying decisions gives a sky-rocket growth to business sales.

Grab Attention to Limited Time Offer

Using countdown timers is a captivating way to discover and seize limited-time offers. It makes familiar exclusive deals and limited-time opportunities. Users cannot miss new updates, new deals, and new opportunities if they spot a countdown timer on their respective websites.

Have you ever been afraid of a limited-time offer that it will slip into your fingers? Countdown timers vanish this fair by pushing you towards unmissed offers.

Beaver builder countdown timer - limited time offer

Reel in Leaving Customers (Cart abandonment)

Sometimes customer visits a website, explore offers, and add products to a cart, then click away, and leave the cart filled with products, they don’t complete the checkout process and go towards the payment method. This customer abandonment behavior is very common in several online stores. 

Here comes, the Beaver Builder Countdown timer module. Imagine when they’re clicking away, a countdown timer comes into play. The ticking digit captures their attention, and they might not depart because if they will, they will miss out on a deal. Countdown timers are a great way to reduce the cart abandonment rate in online stores.

Countdown timers play an essential role in reeling in leaving customers. They create urgency that transforms abandonment into an opportunity for conversion.

Improve Sale Campaign Momentum

If you’re running a sale campaign on your website, placing a countdown timer with the Beaver builder countdown timer module will act like magic and improve your sale campaign momentum. 

The countdown timer builds excitement and creates unstoppable momentum that captivates your audience. They serve as a constant reminder of the limited time available to claim exclusive offers. The tickling clock guides your audience toward to finish line of your sale campaign.

Let’s suppose, you apply several strategies to drive more conversion and sales. But sometimes few strategies work and sales moment is high other time low. Here comes the countdown timer, if you put it on the website, it improves your sale campaign momentum by grabbing potential customer attraction on regular bases.

Beaver builder countdown timer

Highlights a Product

Remember the time, you scrolled an online store, there were several options in front of you and suddenly a product caught your eye. But how does it capture your attention? That’s a quite significant question.

So if we unlock the answer, a countdown timer makes this product special and grabs visitor attention quickly. The timer act as a spotlight, draw your focus and make you explore other features of the product. 

In this case: the product is saying, pay attention, I’m something extraordinary. That’s how countdown timers highlight products and make them stand out in the crowd.

Best Practices For Designing Your Countdown Timer!

Until now, I hope you’ve become fully conscious of the amazing benefits of using the Beaver Builder countdown timer module, now let’s get into how to design countdown timers by applying best practices. 

This modern Beaver Builder module meets high creativity level and delivers a sleek and neat countdown timer on the website. It offers unique customization options to effortlessly design a countdown timer to meet website design. You can select different layouts and styles, choose an end date and time, and display a custom message after the countdown expires.

By following the few best practices below you can design an impactful countdown timer to grab customer attention:

Attention Grabbing Visuals

Visual has the power to raise emotions and convey messages. Carefully add visuals in date and time labels to give a stunning look to the countdown timer on your website. Select visuals that align with your brand and create a sense of urgency.

The Beaver builder countdown timer module by Xpro addon offers full flexibility to add images and videos with an easy-to-use method. You can display a final message at the end of the countdown timer with an image or graphic visual. 

Match the Website Design

While there are general best practices to consider, one of them is to match the countdown timer with the website design. Match with your website elements, try to put colors and visuals that align with the website design.

For improving user experience, it’s important to match the countdown timer design with the overall website design. Beaver builder countdown timer by Xpro addons offers exclusive styling options to seamlessly blend color schemes, typography, and visual language, which will enhance the user experience. 

Incorporate Social Proof

Incorporate social proof with a countdown timer to build users’ trust. When they see other people also buying and using the same product, it increases the credibility of the brand. It captivates the audience to take action, and if it’s a countdown timer it will be “immediate action”.

When browsing a website, we attract to a spotted countdown timer but will be more influenced if it’s with social proof. For example, add a star rating with Xpro beaver builder star rating modules or show any testimonial of recent users. It enhances the perception of a product or service, and as a result, a high number of sales will be produced. So, during placing a countdown timer, don’t forget to incorporate a social proof with it. 

Create a Clear Call To Action

Countdown timers can also be used for creating a clear call-to-action for users. A strong CTA directed towards action and maximizing conversion generated with your countdown timers. 

But the question is, how you can create a clear call to action with countdown timers? Well, not a struggling task, you just have to use some action-oriented language. You can add such phrases in call-to-action “Buy now” “limited time offer” “Hurry, time is running out” or “Don’t miss out on reminders”. 

Create a clear call to action that aligns with the urgency of your countdown timer. A countdown timer without a clear call-to-action is like a flower without a scent.

Countdown Labels

Regarding countdown labels in countdown timers, the choice of colors, animations, contrast, border, spacing, alignment, and responsiveness play an integral part in making your countdown timer stand out. 
Xpro beaver builder countdown timer module allows you to customize each day, hour, minute, and second label with exclusive styling options that meet your unique requirements.

Ensure that countdown labels are easily readable, and use clear and legible fonts. Consider that labels are visible against the background and style is used effectively. Choose the colors that stand out and draw attention. Make the countdown label design minimalist and clean.

Beaver builder countdown timer

Final Thoughts!

In a nutshell, using a Beaver Builder Countdown timer on a website brings a myriad of benefits including increasing conversion and sales on your landing pages. But for maximizing its results you have to use it effectively by following all the best practices. 

So go ahead, and unlock the power of the Beaver builder countdown timer module to garb users’ attention, highlight your products, create urgency in the situation, drive more sales, and ultimately achieve your business goals.

Furthermore, Xpro beaver builder add-ons offer 20+ free modules and some other exclusive styling features to make your Beaver Builder web page stand out.

Apart from that, do check out the Beaver builder themes and extensions offered by the Xpro addons for several unique themes and advanced features.


How do I add a countdown timer module to the Beaver Builder website?

You have to select and download the respective Beaver Builder addon. After installing and activating the addon, you can go into the WordPress dashboard, enable the countdown timer in the module section, then go into the Beaver Builder editor, and drag and drop the countdown timer module. 

If you choose the Beaver builder countdown timer module by Xpro, head over to the documentation “How to configure Beaver builder countdown timer” for a complete step to step guide.

How can I choose the best beaver builder countdown timer module?

You should define your requirement before choosing a beaver builder countdown timer module. But here’re some factors to consider:

  • Compatibility 
  • Design and competition
  • Features and Functionality
  • Easy to use
  • Price and licensing

Can beaver builder countdown timers be customized to match a website’s design?

Yes, the Beaver builder countdown timer can be customized to match a website design. You can choose a pre-designed template in beaver builder and many exclusive styling options.

What is the purpose of the Beaver Builder countdown timer?

The purpose of the Beaver Builder countdown timer is to create urgency and drive conversion and engagement on the website. By showcasing a countdown timer, you can encourage visitors to take action before the offer expires.

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