Create an Engaging Layer Slider For Beaver Builder in WordPress

Create an Engaging Layer Slider For Beaver Builder in WordPress

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Have you ever thought of finding an easy way to create a layer slider for beaver builder? 

If yes, then you’re at a perfect place. 

We all want to find something unique and easy to make our website display more appealing than others, right? Making a layer slider from scratch is a very tiring process. Displaying dynamic content (moving content) plays a major role in adding a wow factor to your website that engages your visitors and makes them stay longer on your website. Layer Slider can also help to take attention to your website which can increase the conversion rate. The question is how can we make the layer sliders easily without putting so much effort? 

Traditionally, the famous WordPress sliders like the Revolution Slider and Slider 3 provide features for designing a layer slider. But to use its features, you need to have a full grip on WordPress and also it has a lot of learning factors. You need to teach your design team and customers about how to use these layer sliders. Apart from that, it will consume a lot of your time. 

If you don’t have any experience in designing and coding, there are very limited features available to help you make a layer slider for beaver builder in WordPress. So, what if I tell you there is a way to create a unique layer slider that will save you time effort, and money? Before I spill the tea, let me first tell you a little bit of detail about what is a layer slider. 

What is a Layer Slider? 

Modern editors or designers use images to display in a slideshow. A layer slider is a slideshow that is created from the layers. Each layer has a distinct content display that is aligned by enabling navigation on the sides. 

These slideshows and sliders can bring innovation to your website and boost the number of clicks if designed perfectly. So, it is best to put all your efforts into making unique layer sliders. However, making the slides is the most tiring part if you have few features and limitations to the slide layers that only a pro can use. I am here to give your the solution to this problem. 

Let’s dive right in!

Exclusive Free Multi-Layer Slider in the Market

Xpro Multi layer slider for beaver builder is your secret trick to a big visual impact on a website. It is a revolutionary module that comes up with the exclusive function of creating sliders with saved rows. Now anyone with no prior designing experience and skills can create a professional slider with this FREE module. You’ll find these features nowhere else. Not only can you create the slides with saved rows and saved templates you can also add various animations and effects to grab the attention of your visitors to the website. 

Get complete control of adding dynamic content to your website quickly and efficiently. You can place your images or elements anywhere on the screen with absolute positions or z-index to bring an eccentric look to the website. It has various advanced features and styling options that you can also choose to add like hover effects, autoplay, loop, or mouse drag effects. Another amazing feature is that you will get complete design freedom to add custom colors, typography, backgrounds, and border to make your slider remarkable. Create your professional slider and view it right away with no WP backend and no shortcode.

Make your creative vision come to life!

How to Create Layer Slider For Beaver Builder with Saved Rows?

Designing a template from scratch is not an easy task, but the Xpro multi layer slider for beaver builder has made it easy for users to create layers with saved rows. Now you can create sliders that were never possible before with Xpro’s powerful and unique saved rows interface.  The process of doing it is quite easy, you just need to save your rows in beaver builder and then drag and drop the slider to choose the saved rows. 

Go to your beaver builder site and drop the multilayer slider, a popup menu will appear along with the slider. Select your designed rows from the saved for customizing the dynamic content slider. If you don’t have any saved rows, you can edit a new one and then display it on the slider. 

For a more detailed and step-by-step guide, visit our documentation on how to use beaver builder saved rows in a multilayer slider.

Features Highlight – Multi Layer Slider for Beaver Builder

Following are the highlights of the new and exclusive features offered in the multilayer slider for beaver builder.

1. Drag and Drop Editor You Didn’t Dream Of!

Thinking about making a slider on WordPress seems like a difficult task. But what if you can easily make a slider in beaver builder? Fascinating, right? The revolutionary multi layer slider for beaver builder comes with intuitive option categories to display the slides. The simple drag-and-drop editor is built to make the module user-friendly for all people, who do not have any design or coding knowledge. 

You will have easy access to all the options available so you can implement your creative vision with just a few clicks at any time. The drag-and-drop feature also allows you to boost the speed of your work, making an attractive visual slider within minutes. 

2. Display Your Images in Absolute Positions!

Have you ever heard of absolute positions? Well, this is something you can achieve with CSS. With this multi layer slider for beaver builder, you can choose to display your modules in default, fixed, and absolute positions without any coding skills. 

Grab the attention of your visitors and exhibit the images and other elements in absolute position with a z-index to create a peculiar look for your slider. With absolute position, you can drag your layers anywhere on the screen or also a layer above one another. These absolute layers are great if you want to place multiple layers on each other and create imaginative layouts. However, you can use the two positioning modes together to create an outstanding layout. 

3. Let’s Talk about Responsiveness

Coming towards the main feature that typically lacks in plugins or modules is responsiveness. Nowadays, it is required that the plugin must be responsive. Xpro multilayer slider is fully responsive and works great on different devices. Now you can impress your visitors with jaw-dropping responsive designs without the use of coding. 

What’s better than having a plugin with so many cool features and is also responsive?

4. Powerful Animations to Bring Your Content to Life! 

Who does not want to bring innovation to the sliders that grab the attention of their site visitors? Well, this is your chance to add versatility to your content by adding different animations to it. Try using a wide range of advanced effects and animations of Xpro Slider to let you explore new ways to turn every element of your multilayer slider into a magical visual experience.

5. Transform Your Boring Content

Now you can transform your normal and boring content in the sliders by using Xpro’s advanced features like hover effects. Dazzle your visitors with incredible effects and unlimited possibilities. You can choose to translate, skew, scale, and rotate the content to make the content more eye-catching. 

6. Make Your Website Worth Visiting with Floating Effects

Stay ahead of your competitors by adding multiple stunning visual effects to your sliders. Add floating effects to your website and make an impression on your prospects. Xpro Multi layer slider for beaver builder has a variety of options to give you complete design freedom by making custom changes in translate, rotate, scale, duration, and delay in these effects. 

Engagingly show your powerful vision without the use of any technical knowledge. 

7. Gradient Background

Styling and customizing the Xpro multilayer slider is so handy that working with it feels really fun. You can play around by adding an attractive color contrast with a gradient background. Unleash your creativity and create an eye-catching layer slider. 

8. Enable Multiple Navigation Options

There is another feature of the Xpro multi-layer slider that brings a small yet effective change to the slideshow. Enabling trendy navigation options will help the site visitors to swipe or drag to see the complete slideshow. Engage your visitors with professional sliders by enabling and customizing trendy navigation options. You can choose to display your sliders in the loop, autoplay, mouse drag, or mouse wheel. 

9. Save Your Time!

Who doesn’t want to save time and make a professional slider without having to tire themselves? The multi layer slider for beaver builder is an easy-to-use module that will help you create a slider with saved rows with just the drag-and-drop feature. All the other styling and customizing features are available at the front and you can view all the changes right away. 

What Can You Create With a Multi Layer Slider for Beaver Builder?

There is no limit to adding creativity to your slides with the Xpro multilayer slider. You can create from a simple slider to a complex slideshow with a lot of animations and effects in it. Create appealing popups and rich web content and upgrade your website. 

Download the multi layer slider for beaver builder today and purchase the pro-bundle for advanced features like animations and effects to spice up your average boring sliders to create a combo you never thought possible. Xpro makes sure to bring innovative modules so that you’ll always stay ahead of everyone else. 

Impressive Templates

If you are not a fan of investing efforts in making a slider from scratch. It is best to download templates and then customize them the way you want and match them according to your website. 

Xpro Beaver Builder has 70+ pre-built slider templates that you can customize to make your web display unique and trendy. You’ll be able to create everything a professional can do without writing a line of code.

Once you open your eyes to the diverse possibilities that the Xpro slider template library offers you, you’ll never have to deal with the limitations of any other average WordPress slider plugin ever again!

Everything at Your Fingertips!

Xpro multi layer slider for beaver builder in WordPress is the best way to level up your layer slider using saved rows. Display the elements and modules at absolute or fixed positions to create a peculiar look. You can choose to add different effects and animations to make it more unique. What’s more convenient is that you will have the ability to see all the changes in the slider right away.

Don’t miss the opportunity to download the FREE, Responsive, and customizable layer slider with diverse unique features without requiring any coding!

Alina Ajmal

Alina Ajmal is a vehement content and copywriter who loves to write on everything specifically technology. The feeling of giving words to thoughts keeps her going! Apart from writing, she loves mystery and photography.


  • Reply Alison

    April 27, 2023, 4:35 am

    Hey, I have read this article and it’s quite helpful and impressive. Before downloading the Xpro multilayer slider, I need to confirm if it requires coding at any point. Will it be helpful for me as I have no coding skills or experience? I am looking for an easy-to-use method!

    • Reply Alina Ajmal

      April 27, 2023, 6:42 am

      Thank you for reaching out to us! Our multilayer slider is a drag-and-drop plugin that does not require any coding knowledge. You can easily configure and style the multilayer slider for beaver builder. We have a wide range of customization options to place your images in absolute positions with the z-index and much more!

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