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Saved Rows

How To Use Beaver Builder Saved Rows In Multilayer Slider

Are you a Beaver Builder Pro user and have no time to design your template from scratch? Don’t worry! Xpro Multilayer slider comes with a package where you can utilize the Beaver builder saved row to personalize your multilayer slider in your own way. 

When you save a row as global, each instance of it that you drag into that page on your site is linked to all other instances. Any change you make to one instance will update all instances and the global saved version. 

In the WordPress menu, click on Beaver Builder, and now select the Saved row. But before that, you need to save a row to appear in this section. To use the Beaver builder saved row in the Multilayer slider, you need to follow simple these steps:

  • How to save your row in beaver builder
  • How to Use Beaver Builder Saved Rows in a Multilayer Slider. 

Let’s start!

add saved rows

How to Save Row in Beaver Builder

  • Click on the “row setting”, and a window box will pop up with its detail setting. You can set your setting also before saving it. 
row settings - multilayer slider for beaver builder
  • After your desired row setting, now click on “Save As”. A dialogue box will appear where you can set your row name.
Save - multilayer slider for beaver builder
  • Enter your row name in the dialog box.
Select "My new saved row"
  • Now hit the save button your row will save for use in the future as a template. 

The result will look something like this

Add saved row

How to Use Beaver Builder Saved Rows in Multilayer Slider

To use beaver builder saved rows in a multilayer slider, follow these steps:

  • Drag and drop the Xpro Multilayer slider, and select the slide. 
  • Now select the slide type either “save templates” or “saved rows”.
  • Click on the “saved row”, the row you saved before in beaver builder will appear in the saved row selection.
  • Select your saved row to customize your dynamic content slider. 
  • You can edit your “saved row” at run time and personalize it in your featured slider. 
  • Hit on the save button, and now your “saved row” will appear in your slider. 
Saved row in a slider

The results will look like this.

Now you can see “my new saved row” finally looked great above the multilayer slider. 

Publish your saved row

If you are a Beaver Builder Pro user then the saved row feature is best for you to customize the Multilayer sider with more ease. You can easily customize elegant Beaver Builder Pro templates in your Xpro multilayer slider.  No doubt this feature is time-saving and gives you results in no time. But if you are looking for something free, then you need to use our saved templates feature which is fully free. 

Xpro Multilayer slider offers a wide range of styling and editing beaver builder templates, and blocks that help designers to develop an attractive featured slider. Combine with beaver builder Pro and our multilayer slider you can instantly drive more sales. In case you want to grow your social media audience, you can easily utilize the Xpro Multilayer slider to showcase social share icons in the most presentable slideshow. Try Today!

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