Advanced Beaver Builder Button Module | 3+ Hover effects

Free Module

Beaver Builder Button Module

Beaver Builder Button module offers advanced customization options like colors, links, and
hover effects for designing the buttons hassle-free.
It is an easy-to-use free module that helps you to create eye-catching buttons with no need for coding.


Add Text & Icons

Stylize your Button with compelling text and catchy icons.
Spice up buttons design by adding icons and images to your buttons.


Add Simple Text To Your Button

Let users engage with the catchy text on the button. The simple, concise, to-the-point, understandable text increases the conversion rate of the website. 



Add Icon To Your Button To Make It Look More Engaging

Striking and unified icons with simple text can easily attract customers' attention. Xpro Beaver Builder Button module has multiple icon options in its vast range of inline library.


Align Your Text & Icons To Make It Look Catchy

Proper alignment of text and icons is the key to grabbing customers' attention. Button module offers different positions for the icon to make the buttons look captivating.


Before Text

Place an icon before the text to make button more appealing

Before Text

Button with the icon after the text makes it more compelling

Outer Left

A personalized touch can be added by placing an icon on the outer left corner of button

Outer Right

Transform the button design by placing the icon on the outer right


Background Color

Use Solid Color Or Gradient As Your Button Background

Create magic by using vibrant colors and color gradients. Transform your designs by choosing brilliant colors for the button background.


Give Your Button Custom Width

Customizable width options like auto, custom, or full-width effects, let you increase customer engagement with buttons of the right size.


Hover Effects

Add a wow factor to button designs using hover effects.
Button module lets you choose from 3+ Hover effects to entice the website visitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Beaver Builder Button module?

It is an easy-to-use simple drag-and-drop module for designing attractive buttons for your website. The Beaver Builder button module is packed with multiple styling options for making enticing buttons.

Is Beaver Builder Button module for free?

Yes, it is available as a free Beaver Builder modules. Buy our pack of premium addons for Xpro advanced features, templates, themes, and modules.

How can I style the buttons by Beaver Builder Button module??

With advanced features of button module like color, background, and hover effect you can easily customize buttons for your website.

Is coding required for designing buttons by using Button module?

No coding is needed for designing buttons by using this module. Button module is pre-built, packed with a bundle of styling options that help you design your website buttons hassle-free.

How to add Beaver Builder Button module?

You can add it by simply going to the WordPress dashboard. For the complete guide, you can study our documentation of How to add and configure Button module for Beaver Builder.