Best Beaver Builder Vertical Timeline Module: How to Choose?

Best Beaver Builder Vertical Timeline Module: How to Choose?


Have you ever dreamt of displaying your case studies or product evaluations in an awesome vertical timeline? If yes, then vertical timeline module for Beaver Builder is all you need!

Unfortunately, a few years back, only technical experts could add interactive vertical timelines to WordPress sites. And, people like us always had to either hire an expensive programmer or learn coding skills to do it. 

This literally took a lot of time, money, and effort! 

But what if I tell you that, today you can add a vertical timeline to your pages in just a few minutes? Even better? You don’t have to attend programming classes or hire an expensive coder to do that! 

Sounds amazing right?

The vertical timeline module comes with a drag-and-drop option, allowing you to seamlessly add timelines to any page. It further lets users insert UNLIMITED item lists! To be precise, with this addon, you can literally design any type of vertical timeline. And, further, tweak its design to ensure it perfectly compliments your website’s entire theme!  

But, if you choose the wrong module, you’ll more likely struggle with adjusting sizes, designing bullet media, etc. This is for sure going to waste a lot of your time and even fill you with frustration. 

But no worries! Because in this blog, we’re going to walk you through each and every step of choosing the right vertical timeline module for Beaver Builder. 

Let’s jump in…

Beaver Builder Vertical Timeline Module: Quick Definition!

The vertical timeline module is a drag-and-drop module. It lets users create dazzling timelines on their WordPress web pages without writing complex codes. This module is often used to display past key achievements, development processes of products, sign-up processes, recent posts, and more.  

The features that users enjoy with this module entirely depend on the type of module they’re using. You’ll find addons that offer limited customization options and even the ones offering numerous advanced features.

However, only the best vertical timeline module would give you complete freedom over the design features and even provide you with loads of advanced customization options. Besides this, they’re also easy to navigate and require little-to-no technical expertise. 

But, the question is how would you know which one is the best?

Let’s discuss this in the next section…

6 Steps to Choosing the Right Beaver Builder Vertical Timeline Module 

Selecting the right module isn’t as easy as it sounds. You can’t just get a random vertical timeline module just because it offers multiple layout options but no customization flexibility. Nor you can choose a super-expensive stand-alone plugin, especially when your business’s other important campaigns are relying on your investments.  

That being said, let’s shed light on the steps that can help you find the right one for your website:

Step 1: List Out Your Requirements

What’s your purpose for using this addon?

Are you looking forward to impressing your audience with your past achievements? Or would you like to display your product’s cool development process on your landing page? 

You need to specify the reason for using this module. If you aren’t clear here, how would you figure out which vertical timeline module offers the customization features you need? 

We’d recommend you make a list of your requirements and features that you want to enjoy when using the vertical timeline module. Such as: 

  • Title option
  • Date option
  • Description option
  • Bullet customization option
  • Image option
  • Flexible sizes, etc. 

Such a list will help you find a module with the specific features you’re looking for. And, would make it easier for you to filter out the not-suitable vertical timeline modules. 

Once done with the requirements, you’re ready to explore multiple available modules out there.  

Step 2: Try the Best Available Modules

Now, it’s time to research different modules and find out which one fits your requirements! 

Well, there are plenty of options out there. Just write, “Best Beaver Builder Vertical timeline Module” in the Google search bar, and your screen will show you loads of options. 

But which one to choose? 

Every Vertical timeline module provider would claim to be the best on the internet. And, to find out whether it’s worth your money, you can check out their free modules.

As most of their modules offer similar interfaces, you’ll get a clear idea of how their vertical timeline would work. 

Xpro Beaver Builder Vertical timeline module is one of the most popular modules out there. It lets you design magnetic vertical timelines of any type without dealing with shortcodes. Best part? It’s super-easy to navigate and offers a drag-and-drop design option! Which makes the entire design process much easier!

In addition to this, you can also check detailed documentation or watch tutorials. But if you fail to find this information, you’d better go for another module. There is no best vertical timeline module provider who would ever leave their users to struggle on their own. The best ones always have your back and ensure that you’re being guided on every step of your design journey. 

Step 3: Check the Module’s Customization Options 

If you think customization options won’t make a difference, think again!

Extensive customization options allow the users to tailor their modules as per their needs and requirements. Allowing you to design timelines that perfectly align with your website’s themes, objectives, and workflow!  

Not to mention, your business keeps evolving. And, as it does so, the right vertical timeline module would allow you to tweak the timeline as per the present needs. Here are a few features and customization options that must be checked before getting a vertical timeline module: 

  • Color and Theme: Make sure the module allows you to choose colors and themes that align with your website’s overall feel. 
  • Date and time format: Check whether they are offering flexible options for date and time format. 
  • Flexible timeline size: See how much flexibility they offer when it comes to adjusting the size and alignment of the vertical timeline.
  • Media support: Look at whether the vertical timeline module lets you add images, icons, or other such media to the module. 

Did You Know? The affordable vertical timeline module from Xpro comes along with premium and advanced effects. Their Beaver Builder Addons bundle can help you unlock exciting floating effects, CSS transform features, hover transitions, and more! 

Looking deeply into the feature the customization features would help you find an awesome module. Which will allow you to design any possible vertical timeline on your website. 

Step 4: Ensure the Module’s Responsiveness on Multiple Devices

Most of the website’s traffic comes from mobile devices. By most, we mean around 55% of the whole website traffic! (Source: EXPLODING TOPICS)

This indicates that numerous people are using mobile phones to browse their desired information. And, your target audience is also probably doing the same! The core message here is that you can’t ignore your vertical timeline’s responsiveness on mobiles, and other devices. Doing so would cost you a lot of customers! 

Here is a sample preview of the vertical timeline from one of the popular Xpro Beaver Builder addons providers: 

Notice, how elegantly this timeline presents information on different screens without compromising the design. 

This pre-test is going to save you from vertical timeline modules that can’t appear on all devices. 

We’d suggest you look into your chosen vertical timeline provider’s Beaver Builder pre-built themes or templates and try to locate vertical timelines on pages. Test on online tools to check its responsiveness on different screens. You can use Am I Responsive to view it on different screens. 

Step 5: Consider Affordability & Policy 

Most unreliable companies keep increasing their rates after a few months. For example, if you buy a WooCart module along with other services for around $145 this week, the irresponsible company might start charging more in the future. Without even sending your pre-alerts.

This is why, you must delve deeper and locate their policies to save yourself from such scenarios. Just to figure out how often they update their charges. 

Because if you aren’t willing to pay them extra money, you might have to install a new vertical timeline addon and start designing from scratch. That sounds pretty hectic! So, why not take precautions from the beginning?

Reliable companies always provide you with detailed payment policies where they clearly mention their commitment to the agreed paycheck. And, if you don’t spot them, they’re probably spam. 

Further, don’t forget to compare their prices with other popular vertical timeline modules and check their affordability.

Remember! The best Beaver Builder Addons always offers amazing, yet affordable bundles filled with loads of premium modules (like, Post Grid, News Ticker, Team Carousel, etc.). You can compare different bundles and see what additional services you’ll get along within the module. Then, pick the best ones and check their customer service.   

Step 6: Test their Customer Services 

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when designing is choosing a vertical timeline module from a provider with poor customer service. 

What if the module suddenly starts showing a compatibility error? Or what if you don’t find the specific features for adjusting the bullet’s size? 

In all such cases, you would definitely want to rush to customer services. And, with poor customer service, you would never be able to solve your problems on time. 

Hence, it’s always important to check your chosen vertical timeline module’s customer services. Here are a few tips for you:

  • Test their multiple communication channels, like, email, call, etc. 
  • Call them on during different hours of the day and night. 
  • Observe how quickly their representatives respond
  • Ask technical questions to their staff to know how well they understand your queries. 

If they are quick at responding and their staff is knowledgeable enough to understand your problems, you’re good to go.  

Now, that you how you can choose the right Beaver Builder vertical timeline module, let’s discuss the right time to use this module. 

When Should You Use Beaver Builder Timeline Module? 

Similar to how you can’t use an animated heading module for featuring testimonials, you can also not use the vertical timeline module to announce the summer sale!

To be precise, you should be using this module to display specific information. This module should be specifically used for showcasing a flow that has a starting and an ending point.  Like, the sign-up process, development process or so. 

Not using this addon for the right purpose can create a mess on your web pages, ultimately forcing your users to bounce off!

Bear in mind that user experience (UX) is the most important thing that shouldn’t be overlooked when designing the vertical timeline. This means, designing an interactive timeline that perfectly befits the users’ requirements, and provides them with meaningful information that they would want to see.

Below are listed a few scenarios for using the Beaver Builder vertical timeline module: 

To Present Company’s History: Use this module to highlight your company’s key achievements and major milestones, giving your audience an overview of your journey. 

To Display Project’s Phases: Vertical timelines can potentially show your business’s research strategies, production phases, and so on. 

To Show Product Evaluation: Display how your products improved over time to leave a lasting impression on your customers.  

To List Out the Most Recent Case Studies:  List your recent posts, or case studies to provide the users with a sequential view. 

When to use this module, entirely depends on your needs and requirements. You can use it for different other purposes to offer visualization of the flows or steps. But, don’t forget to choose the best module. After all, it’s going to help you design each and every part of your timeline!  

Final Words! 

In summary, choosing the best pro Beaver Builder vertical timeline module isn’t difficult if you follow the right steps. 

You’ve to be super-clear with your requirements and thoroughly conduct research on every aspect of the popular vertical timeline module. Like, as discussed above, customization options, design flexibility, and other such factors shouldn’t be overlooked at any cost. 

Besides, look into the features of different vertical timeline modules to filter out the expensive or the ones offering fewer features. We’d suggest choosing the best ones like, Xpro Beaver Builder Vertical Timeline module. These powerful modules allow you to design every possible vertical timeline module and offer incredible customization and styling features. 

Spend time and research, and if you need to try the free modules to test the interface, just do that!  


What is Beaver Builder Vertical Timeline Module?

This module is an addon that allows the users to create awesome vertical timelines on their Beaver Builder WordPress pages. It’s a drag-and-drop module that requires no coding skills to use.

How do I add a vertical timeline module for Beaver Builder to my WordPress page? 

First, you’ve got to walk through the steps of buying the Beaver Builder addons premium bundle and then activate the premium modules from your WordPress dashboard. Once done, you can simply drag’n’drop this module onto the screen to create a stunning timeline. 

Is the vertical timeline module for Beaver Builder responsive?

The best vertical timeline module for Beaver Builder is always responsive. It automatically adopts its layouts according to screen sizes. You can download the Beaver Builder Addons Bundle from the WordPress plugin directory and purchase the pro bundle from Xpro to access the Vertical Timeline module.

How can I add a hover effect on the vertical timeline module?

With Xpro Beaver Builder vertical timeline module, you can add a hover effect to your content media, date, and bullet sections. Click on “Style” from the drop-down menu on your WordPress page to add a hover effect. Check our detailed documentation on “How to add Beaver Builder Vertical timeline module” for more details.

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Shaheera Samim is an exuberant technical writer voicing out her opinions and insights on various WordPress-related topics. She is diligent about bringing innovation to the WordPress community and helping techies find solutions to their challenges. Besides writing, she loves reading thrillers!

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