Info List Module for Beaver Builder | Multiple Feature List

Free Module

Info List Module For Beaver Builder

Give a creative touch to your product list display with the info list module for beaver builder. A flexible and user-friendly module with multiple customization options and functionalities. No coding is required!


     Compile The Highlights

Improve user experience by compiling your key highlights and presenting them in an extraordinary way. Display your content in vertical and horizontal list formats with the info list.


List Item

Add As Many List Items As You Wish

Effortlessly showcase your key features by adding countless lists of items with the info list module for beaver builder. Enjoy Ultimate control over your design by adding, deleting, and reordering the list.

Create Custom Info Lists

Power up your website and make a custom info list on any page with eye-catching titles, descriptions, icons, or images. View all other Free beaver builder modules with unique styling options.

  • Alignment

    Take full control of spacing & alignment to create a clean info list design.

  • Typography

    Level up your website with custom fonts and typography options i.e. style, spacing, and text shadows.

  • Media

    Choose from the icons library or display a preferred custom image with your list of features.

  • Animation

    Win your audience by adding cool animations and effects to your info list.

Customization Options

Make an impact on your website’s visitors by playing creatively with custom colors, backgrounds, gradient effects, typography, and much more.


Media Type

Use Icons or Images

Don’t settle for a simple-looking info list! Add attractive icon styles or images to your features with the info list module for beaver builder.


Different Alignment Options

Get rid of your boring bullet points and present your feature list attractively by choosing different alignment options and spacing.


Insert Any Kind of Media

Add a touch of visual appeal to your info list with different media like images and icons as a way of making your features instantly recognizable.


Display Any Information

in a Unique Way

Present a list of information that makes your website unique with icons, images, typography colors, and backgrounds. You can also go on an easy way to use our pre-built beaver builder templates.

  • 01

    Live Front-End Customizations

    Make real time modifications to your info list within the beaver builder interface.

  • 02

    Different Layouts

    Style your info list by changing the layout vertically or horizontally

  • 03

    Responsive Design

    Info list module for beaver builder ensure consistent design across different devices.


Redirect Your Info List To Your Desired Link

Boost the number of conversions on your website by adding a link redirect to your product features list. If you want to learn more, you can check our ultimate guide for info list module.


Summarize Your Key Highlights

Quickly convey your information with the bulleted info list presented with icons and a brief detail.

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    Apply sharpness to your images.

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    Tint & Saturation

    Customize the background as per your choice.

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    Apply filters for unique color display.

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    White Balance

    Brighten up your images with white balance!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the info list module for beaver builder?

The info list module for beaver builder allows you to create a list of essential features with custom titles, icons, images, and descriptions.

How to use the info list module for beaver builder?

To add info list module, download the info list module for beaver builder. It’s totally free. Then drag and drop it to your Beaver builder page and then style and customize it to match your website design.

Can I add links to the title and description of the info list module?

Yes, you can add redirect links to your info list. Use the info list module for beaver builder by Xpro addons to get access to all the features.

Can I customize the layout of the info list module for beaver builder?

Yes, you can customize the layout of the info list module by changing its alignment, spacing, and orientation (horizontal &vertical). Visit our documentation guide on how to configure the info list module for beaver builder.

Can I customize the icons of the info list module for beaver builder?

Yes, you can select icons from the library of pre-built icons or upload custom icons and change the color, or background according to your website design.