Ultimate Guide to Use Info List Module for Beaver Builder [2023]

Ultimate Guide to Use Info List Module for Beaver Builder [2023]

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Still, Displaying your content or key features with points? Well, it looks old-school and tedious, Right? If you are looking for ways to style your features and highlight them attractively, then you are in a perfect place. you will get here everything you need to know about styling and customizing the features. To give you a sneak peek, the Info list module for beaver builder comes with the latest functionality. It helps you design the lists for your website easily. 

In case you are wondering why you need to focus on displaying your website’s key features. Then you must know that features are one of the most important factors when comparing different products. Various brands fail to showcase features on their website. This, in turn, causes their revenue to drop. 

To make it more clear, let me ask you a question. Would you buy a laptop without knowing how much storage space, battery life, or functionality it has? Or would you buy a camera without knowing its image quality? The answer is quite clear. 

So, let’s figure out how you can make your bullets more attractive and eye-catching. 

What is Info List Module for Beaver Builder?

The info list is the list of key information you can display on your website to make it more engaging. The concept started by putting on view concise information to grasp the attention of the visitor and compel them to read more.  

It’s important to keep in mind that you don’t need to fluff the page with a lot of information.  So, call out what’s more important. 

If you want to organize your information effectively then the Info List module for beaver builder has got you covered. The info list module for beaver builder is a user-friendly module that will help you showcase the key features uniquely. You just need to drop the module and make custom changes to flaunt your major features. 

Top 4 Use Cases For Info List Module In Beaver Builder

Frankly, you can add an info list anywhere on your webpage. This will make your content easily readable and also helps in enhancing the user experience on your website. Here, we have shortlisted prominent 4 examples of where you can use the info list module for Beaver builder page

Service or Product Features

Using the info list module is the perfect way to showcase your product features and services. If you are also adding images or icons, it would be the cherry on top. Displaying visuals with your key highlights will help the user identify what you’re offering on your website easily. 

Team or Staff Profiles

You can create a stylish and informative list of your team or staff members using the Info List Module. Include their names, positions, photos, and brief descriptions to introduce your team to website visitors.

Pricing Plans or Packages

Using the info list module present your offers and packages in an organized and clear manner. Each list item can include the plan name, features, pricing details, and a call-to-action button for visitors to choose that suits them best. 

Steps or Process Breakdown

When explaining a step-by-step process or a series of actions, the Info List Module can save your day. It effectively displays the steps in chunks accompanying the title and descriptions, allowing users to follow the process you are explaining easily.

How To Create An Attractive And Effective Info List Module For Beaver Builder?

Here is a detailed step-by-step guide on how to create an effective and attractive info list module for your Beaver Builder website. But let me first give you a brief overview of the Xpro info list module for beaver builder. 

Module Overview

Info List module by beaver builder addons is a handy plugin that allows you to easily make your content stand out with engaging lists. Make personalized changes to every minor visual detail for each bullet like color, typography, sizing, and more. With this module, you can easily display your content with different layout styles and make it dynamic and interactive for your visitors. 

This module is perfect to showcase your feature highlights if you have a start-up website and have no technical skills or design experience. 

Key Features

  • User Interface Customization
  • Different Styling Options
  • Multiple feature list
  • Different Media Options (Icon, Image, custom)
  • Link Redirects
  • Vertical and Horizontal Layout
  • Responsive Designs

Step 1: Enable Info List Module

The first step to utilize the features of the info list module for beaver builder is enabling the module. 

For this, go to the WordPress dashboard and click “Xpro addons”, then the dashboard of Xpro will start to appear. Find the “Info list” module and then toggle the button ON to enable it. 

If you haven’t yet downloaded it, activate the Xpro addons for Beaver Builder- lite and you’ll get a pack of Amazing FREE modules

Step 2: Setting Up the Info List Module

Let’s move towards setting up your Info list module by adding the list items. You can add multiple lists and edit each separately. You can add any media type by choosing from the icons, images, and custom and adding their titles and description to make a unique look of your key features. 

Moreover, it allows effortless management of the items in your module and lets you add, delete, duplicate, and reorder the items with ease. 

Step 3: Explore Advanced Styling options

To make your website look more attractive, you can add multiple advanced styling options. Xpro beaver builder info list module gives you full control over styling every minor visual detail. 

Here are the main styling features that you can enable for the attention-grabbing info lists: 

  • Select vertical or horizontal layout options.
  • Change the alignment of your lists
  • Adjust the space of the Info List
  • Add a box shadow with a custom color
  • Add a classic or gradient background
  • Add a border to Info Lists (Upto 5 styles)
  • Customize border radius and padding

Furthermore, you can also design and style the media and icons of the Info List altogether.

For more details, visit the complete documentation on how to configure the info list module for beaver builder. 

Step 4: Typography Customization Techniques

Another advanced technique is to use custom typography for your info lists, media, and other content. Xpro info list module for beaver builder provides the option to make custom changes in the font size, style, spacing, and text shadows of every part of your info list. 

You can style the counter of your info list differently to grab the attention of your visitors. 

Explore more styling and customization techniques using the info list module for beaver builder on your own. 

Step 5: Advanced Features for Creating Engaging Info Lists

With the info list module for beaver builder, you can make your key features more engaging and eye-catching. Customize your icons and images by changing the background color to make it match your website design. However, if you still need to take make your info lists stand out of the crowd, then go ahead and start using the advanced custom features. 

Display different advanced features like transform, floating, and animations to your info lists and create an exclusive look for your website. Buy the pro-version and get ahold of all the amazing features instantly!

Best Practices For Designing An Info List Module That Stands Out

To ensure the effectiveness and visual appeal of the info list module, it is vital to follow certain practices. Here are some of the key highlights you should definitely consider while designing the info list module

Let’s dive right in!

Clearly Define the Purpose of Content

Try to keep the information in your lists concise, relevant, and easily scannable. Clearly define the purpose of the info list module and make sure that the information you want to convey is easily understandable.  

Catchy and Consistent Visual Hierarchy

Establishing a clear visual hierarchy within the info list module plays a significant role in grabbing the reader’s attention. You can use catchy titles with visible fonts and colors to indicate different sections or categories. Make sure that the lists are easily identifiable for your visitors and that the design is consistent throughout your webpage. 

Using different font and layouts within the same page creates a distraction and impose a bad impression on your visitors. 

Add Relevant Icons and Images 

Make sure that the icons and images you are adding are relevant to your title and description. Most of the users just look at the visuals and identify the information that is being described. 

Responsive Layout and Design

After adding the info list module for beaver builder, ensure the design is fully responsive and functional on different screen sizes. This is just to ensure that the lists are easily accessible to all visitors without any errors. 

By following these best practices, you can design an info list module that will not only stand out visually but also effectively provide the information to your audience.

Examples Of Websites That Have Used Info List Modules For Great Effect

Here you can check out how these websites have used the info list module to add a creative and unique look to their website. Also, the product features and services are easily readable with enhanced visual hierarchy.  


Use these insights from the popular website Airbnb (https://www.airbnb.com/) to get an idea of how you can display your Info List module on a website.

If you have an online business you can display your product features like the displayed layouts given below. 

Airbnb- example of info list module for beaver builder


Apple (https://www.apple.com/) is another example of a website that has used the info list module to compare the key features of different product models. Catch a glimpse of how they have used custom colors on their icons to match their website design. Take notes and try using these customization options to create a professional and impressive look for your website. 

Apple - example of info list module for beaver builder


Pay attention to the minor visual details on your website. Choose what looks best and how to manage the white space using different modules. You can display your info lists like those used by a famous website shopify (https://www.shopify.com/) adding the related icon, titles, descriptions, and link redirects to let your visitors get all the information they need right away. 

Shopify - example of info list module for beaver builder

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I customize the image background in the Info List Module?

Yes, you can customize the image background by adding custom colors and then make changes to it with different styles and widths. 

Do I need to be able to code to make the Beaver builder info list?

No, you don’t require any coding skills and technical expertise to make the info list for your website. You just need to download the info list module, drag’n’drop it on your Beaver builder website and start customizing it as per your desire.

Do I need to buy the Info list module for beaver builder?

It depends on which module you are using for your website. I would recommend you try using the Xpro info list module for beaver builder. It’s completely Free and has various styling and customizing features. You just need to download and install the plugin for your website.

Can I change the color of the Icons in the info list?

Yes, you can change the color as well as the background of the icons you are using for the info list.

Winding Up!

That’s it! Hope you have got all the necessary information regarding the design and usage of the info list module for beaver builder. It is a powerful tool that allows you to present information in a visually appealing and arranged format.

Follow the step-by-step guide to effectively utilize the info list module. From showcasing features and services to displaying product specifications or team members, the Info List module offers endless possibilities for creativity. The info list module for beaver builder will help you engage your audience and deliver impressive content. 

So, what’s holding you back? Use the beaver builder info list module now and start creating an informative and eye-catching list for your website.  

Take the opportunity and look at the other Free Beaver Builder modules related to it like the info box, and icon box. You’ll explore more enhanced functionality and features to use on your website. 

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