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Download Plugin Files

How To Download Plugin Files of Xpro Addons

It can be difficult to find the download history of your purchased plugins. This documentation will give a step-by-step guide so you don’t wear yourself out during plugin adjustment.

Read more, to know how to download the plug-in files from the Xpro shop by beaver builder:

Step 1: Log in to the Xpro Dashboard

Go directly to the Xpro shop and log in to the Xpro dashboard.

Login - Xpro dashboard

Step 2: Click Download History

Click on download history to download and manage your plug-in files.

Download history - Xpro dashboard

Step 3: Find and Download the Respective File

Here, you will see your purchase plug-in history. Choose your respective plug-in name, go into the file section, and click the file to download. It’ll hardly take more than 1 minute.

download plugin files of Xpro addons

Here! You’re done

Learn how you can install and activate the Xpro plug-in by beaver builder.

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