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Manage Account

Manage Account For Xpro Addons

Having issues with account management? We have got your back!

After creating your account on Xpro, you will have complete control over how you want to manage your account. Xpro shop provides you with detailed information on your purchases, license keys, and much more. Now you don’t have to get worried about losing any of your information regarding purchase. It’s all saved in the Xpro dashboard.

Learn more about how you can manage your profile, and subscriptions, renew your license and download the purchase details. 

How to Manage My Account on Xpro Shop?

Xpro Shop permits you to manage your account by giving full authority over all the detailed information about your profile, product purchases, and plugin files

Let’s have a sneak peek at what you can achieve through your Xpro account. 

Customer Profile

You can change your personal information, billing information, and password by clicking on the customer profile. If you’re having issues with transactions from one card, you can also add a new card for your new purchases. 

customer profile - manage accounts for Xpro addons

Find out more about how you can manage a user account

Purchase History

Through the Xpro dashboard, you can check all the data related to your purchases. You can find your license key, and download the invoice or plugin files. Xpro account will help you keep track of your orders, important files, and documents. 

In case, you’re looking for ways to retrieve your license key or download an invoice of your purchased products. 

The list of your bought products on the Xpro shop will show the complete data like your order number, date of your purchase, renewal date, amount of purchases, subscription details, and status of your subscription.

purchase history - manage accounts for Xpro addons

Look into our guide on how to check purchase history and find out more!

Support Tickets

If you have any queries related to Xpro addons for beaver builder, you can send us support tickets with an accurate description of your issues. You can also send us files if you have any concerns about the plugins.

support tickets - manage account for Xpro addons

Discover the step-by-step guide on how you can send tickets to us!

Download History

Download your important files and documents in the “Download history” section on your Xpro dashboard.

download history - manage accounts for Xpro addons

Read more about how you can download plugin files from the Xpro dashboard. 


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