Best Timeline Module For Beaver Builder || 3 Unique Media Options

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Beaver Builder Horizontal Timeline Module

Beaver Builder brings a perfect module to showcase historical events in a cool timeline. It allows you to add multiple horizontal lists with typography styling, date, bullet, content, and navigation features.


Create a Sleek Timeline Within Minutes!

Create an organized timeline so you don't get twisted in your business tasks. Our timeline module for beaver builder back you up. It allows you to create attractive timeline with multiple styling features.


Add as Many Lists as You Want

Make a timeline by adding multiple lists so no historical event is left behind. Edit and design each list the way it matches your business branding.


Explore Different Media Options

Make your timeline content stand out with the power of diverse media options. This beaver builder timeline module allows you to customize media that perfectly suit your website looks.

Content Media

Make Impression With Visuals

Elevate your timeline content by adding stunning images with titles and descriptions. Choose images that deeply resonate with your audience.


Elevate Engagement With Images

Level up timeline design by adding catchy and related images. This beaver builder module gives complete freedom to edit and personalize any image you want.

Data Media

Explore and Customize Date Media

Choose the best image for your timeline and add a date and title to showcase what you're up to. Edit with full flexibility to change the text alignment, background color, and much more.


Bullet Media

Add bullet media for properly organizing the timeline with a specific title and date. Facilitate users with different styles using icons, numbers, or images in bullet media. Customize the icon with inline style, bullet color, and separator color.

Stunning Bullet Media Styles

The timeline module for beaver builder has come up with engaging bullet media options. Add any image with an icon or totally customize it in keeping with your choice.


Use Icons

Elevate the bullet design game with the latest icon option. A bullet with an icon is best for a visual representation of your timeline.

Use Images

Use images related to your product or business to match every tiny detail of the timeline with the website design.


Use Numbers

This timeline module for beaver builder offers multiple options over the bullet media content. You can add icons, images, and numbers as per your choice.

Create an Elegant Timeline Now!

“Time flies when you're following a timeline”
Create an attractive visual timeline of events and define your journey beautifully. Try the timeline module for beaver builder and captivate your audience from the very first scroll.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Control the Order of Timeline Items?

Yes, the beaver builder horizontal timeline module is designed to be fully responsive. You can rearrange the timeline items the way you want. The Beaver Builder editor is enough flexible which lets you adjust the timeline position in the desired sequence.

What is the Beaver Builder Horizontal Timeline Module?

The Beaver Builder timeline module is an easy-to-use, drag-n-drop tool that allows you to create visually appealing timelines on your website. It enables you to show milestones, events, projects, and other historical information in a sequential layout in the horizontal timeline.

How do I Add a Horizontal Timeline to my Website?

You have to select and download the respective Beaver Builder addon. After installing and activating the addon, you can go into the wordpress dashboard, enable the horizontal timeline module in the module section, then go into the Beaver builder editor, and drag and drop the horizontal timeline module.

If you choose the Beaver Builder horizontal timeline module by Xpro, head over to the documentation How to display horizontal timeline module for beaver builder  for a complete step to step guide.

What are the key Features of the Beaver Builder Horizontal Timeline Module?

Xpro beaver builder horizontal timeline module is highly functional and responsive with some exclusive features which are given below:

  • Multiple horizontal lists
  • Typography styling
  • Date, bullet, content media
  • Flexible Navigation features
  • Add stunning visuals with a title & description
  • Effective customization options
  • Inline styling
  • Bullet colors
  • Separator colors

Is the Beaver Builder Horizontal Timeline Module Mobile Responsive?

Yes, Beaver builder horizontal timeline module is highly mobile responsive. It ensures to give a smooth experience for users by providing flexibility across different screen devices.