Team Carousel Module for Beaver Builder | 15+ Layouts

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Beaver Builder Team Carousel Module

Showcase your team section in a stylish carousel layout with our team carousel module for beaver builder. Choose from 15+ layouts, add social links, enable navigation, use overlay colors and more.


Use our Exciting Range of Customization Options

Design, customize, and control your perfect team section with our feature-rich team carousel module for beaver builder. Just the way you want! Check our free beaver builder modules for further styling options.



Choose from 15 Unique Layouts to Showcase Your Team in Style!

Get limitless creativity with more layouts than any widget to create a stunning carousel in no time. To learn more, check our blog on best ways to use team carousel for beaver builder.


Add Social Media Links of Your Team Members

Elevate your team's online presence by effortlessly adding social media links for each member.



Set the Transition Duration with Ease!

Customize the transition duration to create smooth and captivating effects, tailored to your team showcase.

Unleash your Creativity with our Team Carousel Module

Take the overall aesthetic of your website to next level by showcasing your team members in unique layouts. For an easy way, you can also use our pre-built beaver builder templates.


Enable Navigation to Effortlessly Explore your Team Section

Enable seamless navigation within your team section, allowing visitors to effortlessly explore and discover the talents of each team member



Enable Dot to Navigate the Slide

With our team carousel module for beaver builder, you can add dots to effortlessly navigate your slides and provide a user-friendly experience for your website visitors.

Display your Team Members in Modern Layout Designs

Design your team section like never before with our team carousel module for beaver builder. Add image, name, designation, description, social links and much more to showcase your team and boost your credibility.

Overlay Color

Add Custom Overlay Color According to your Theme

Add a custom overlay color to your Team Carousel. Effortlessly blend your team section with your website's unique style and aesthetic.



Add Links to your Main Profile

With our team carousel module for beaver builder you can easily incorporate links to your main profile and connect with your audience on various platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a team carousel module?

The team carousel module for beaver builder allows you to present your team in a visually appealing way. With this module, you can make your team section in a dynamic carousel-style. You can showcase the information of each team member in a visually captivating manner.

What is the benefit of using a team carousel?

 The team carousel module will allow to showcase your talented team members in a captivating carousel format. Moreover, it will also help you to optimize the space of your website. In this way, it can greatly help in enhancing the user engagement.

How do you create a team carousel in Beaver Builder?

To use the team carousel module for beaver builder, you need to install and activate the Xpro addons for beaver builder- lite.
Before using the team carousel module you should enable it from the Xpro module section.
(Xpro addons plugin-> modules-> team carousel-> enable).
For more details, check our latest guide on how to use the team carousel module for beaver builder.

How to effectively use the team carousel in beaver builder?

While you use team carousel module, there are some things you need to keep in mind. Below are some mind-blowing tips to use the team carousel module effectively:

  1. Showcase Important Team Members in a Strategic Way
  2. Utilize Compelling Bios and Descriptions
  3. Optimize Visual Elements and Design
  4. Incorporate Testimonials or Social Proof
  5. Ensuring Responsiveness and Compatibility across Different Devices
  6. Implementing Navigation and Controls for Easy Browsing through Team Members
  7. Add Hover Effects or Interactions to Enhance User Engagement.
  8. Keep the Carousel Size Manageable for Optimal Loading Times

What is the best team carousel module for beaver builder?

We suggest you to use Xpro addons for beaver builder. By using Xpro addons for beaver builder, you can create a highly interactive and visually appealing team carousel just in minutes. It has a lot of unique features that you can use to take your website to the next level:

  • A lot of customization options
  • 15 different layouts
  • Social icons and links
  • Transition duration
  • Navigation
  • Dots
  • Custom overlay color
  • Autoplay
  • Loop effects
  • Mouse drag carouse