Beaver Builder Icon Box Module | Icon, Text, Badge, Hover

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Beaver Builder Icon Box Module

Highlight your website's key features with a visually appealing and highly interactive Icon Box that consists of icons, a title, a description, and a full box clickable link.


Create an Engaging Layout with Full Custom Control

Captivate your audience with a visually stunning Icon Box module for Beaver Builder complete with a customizable icon, badge, and text.



Quickly & Effortlessly Add Your Desired Icons or SVG

Get access to the massive Icon Library to select and showcase the perfect icon. Or support your content by importing suitable SVG.


Align Your Content To Left, Right Or Center

Set alignment of all the content elements within the box, giving you complete control over the layout.


Title And Description

Instantly Grab Visitor Attention by Highlighting Your Content in an Appealing Box

Elevate your presentation skills by displaying your content in an elegant and visually striking Icon Box, complete with a customized title and description.

Highlight Company Success & Stats to Captivate Your Audience

Attract your website visitors by presenting them with compelling statistics and numerical data in a visually appealing Beaver Icon Box widget, ensuring that your valuable information is effectively conveyed.


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Add Custom Badges to Draw Attention to Important Features

Showcase a badge for a more premier look and highlight the attention to specific aspects.



Position the Badge in The Right Spot with Complete Control

Experience complete flexibility and control to position and rotate the badge anywhere at any angle.


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Elevate Your Icon Box with a Personalized Background Design

Design a visually appealing and interactive background with amazing hover effects.



Add Color or Image to The Background

Elevate the layout appearance by adding gradient colors or an image as the box background. 

Hover Effect

Transform Background Appearance on Hover

Enhance your webpage interactivity with captivating background color hover animations.



Add Custom Link to Your Info Box

Take your visitor to the desirable page by easily incorporating a link to the icon box.







Frequently Asked Questions

What is an icon box?

An Icon Box is a module that consists of an icon on top followed by a title and description respectively. It is used to display important information while engaging your visitor with a hover effect and CTA.

How do I add an icon box to my Beaver Builder?

Click on the + at the top right of the screen, select Xpro Addon group, Search for Icon Box, and drag and drop it to the desired location. 


Learn More: How to Use Beaver Builder Icon Box Module?

Where do you use Icon Box?

The Icon Box module is used to highlight key information on your website such as products, services, and events. It benefits your website by increasing user experience and engagement through its stunning design.

What is Beaver Builder?

Beaver Builder is a popular drag-and-drop page builder for WordPress. It allows developers to design and build a fully functional website without the need for coding.

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