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Beaver Builder Dual Color Heading Widget

No need to use boring headings. Use Xpro dual color heading module for beaver builder to add dual colors in a single heading. Extend the design of your headings by giving it different background colors, font styles, text colors, text shadow and much more. Try beaver builder addons now and do something cool and new!


Add Heading Text As You Need

Make cool headings with Xpro dual color heading module. Easily style your heading text the way you want.


Add First & Second Heading to Design them separately

Add and design two parts of your heading independently. You do not need to break up the heading text to achieve the design you want. Use dual color heading module for beaver builder to design a particular part of your heading text differently and make a statement that wows!


Give different colors for normal and hover state

Highlight your headings in different colors and make an impression on your visitors. Pick any two colors of your choice and use them together to make an attractive dual colored heading. Add dual colors for both normal and hover state. Try now and leave a lasting impression!


Add background colors to your heading

Our dual color heading module for beaver builder allows you to add background to different parts of the heading. Try now and add different background colors to your text to make your heading pop up. Check our free beaver builder modules for further styling options.

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Redirect Your Heading To Any Link You Want

Grab users' attention! Add links in your heading to redirect your visitors to any page you want.


Add custom links for each heading separately

Want to add dual links on the same heading? Try our dual color heading module for beaver builder and add custom link to any part of your heading and redirect your heading to any link you want. If you want to learn more, you can check our ultimate guide for dual color heading.


Use Different Fonts & Typography

Style your headings with different fonts and typography options and enhance user experience on your website.


Use different fonts and typography

In addition to adding dual colors in your headings, you can also style your headings with multiple fonts and typography. Play around with different fonts and styling options and make your texts more attractive and noticeable from the plain text. For an easy way, you can also use our pre built beaver builder templates.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Dual color heading?

Dual color heading is divided into two parts. Both parts usually have different colors and styles. It is usually used to highlight a particular text more in a heading and to grab user’s attention.

What is the benefit of using a dual color heading?

It helps to grab visitor’s attention by highlight a particular text in a sentence with multiple colors. If you pick colors in the right contrast and proper style, it will invoke the emotions of the website visitors.

How can I use dual color heading module for beaver builder?

You can learn to use dual color heading module for beaver. You can check our latest guide on how to add dual color heading module to use this effectively and properly.

Where can I get dual color heading module for beaver builder?

There are three best dual color heading modules for beaver builder:

  1. Xpro dual color heading
  2. Ultimate dual dolor heading
  3. Powerpack addons

We recommend you to use Xpro dual color heading module as it is easy to use and has many styling options.

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