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Counter Module For Beaver Builder

Grab your visitor's attention by highlighting various statistics or numbers related to your business, such as the number of customers, products sold, downloads, or social media followers. With beaver builder Counter Module, you can make your website interactive and animated. Start counting with style today!


Different Customizations &

Layout Style Options

Spice up your stats or numbers with various customization options of Beaver Builder counter module. It allows you to choose different styles, colors, fonts, icons, background colors, and animations.


Layout Styles

Discover Three Different Layout Styles

Choose between three different layout styles to showcase the growth, popularity, and achievements of your business to establish trust and credibility with your audience. You can also customize them according to your website design.


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Add Icons To Make Your Counter Look More Engaging

Power up your website with Xpro counter module for beaver builder. It allows you to effortlessly add captivating icons to your counters and make your stats pop! You can customize icon color, size, alignment, and hover color.


Add Solid Color Or Gradient To Your Counter Background

Say goodbye to dull designs and welcome vibrant hues to take your counters to the next level. Use counter module to Choose pre-defined gradient styles or customize your own to create a unique counter background that stands out from the crowd.


Latest Released Album

Don't settle for plain text! Numbers deliver information faster and in a more attractive way to website visitors. Counter module empowers you to present your latest released album downloads and the number of streams in a way that grabs attention.






Add Cool Hover Effects

Why settle for static counters when you can add an extra touch of magic? Unlock the potential of your counters and create an unforgettable user experience with Beaver Builder counter module today!

Hover Effect

Add Cool Hover Effect To Make Your Counter Perfect

Trying using Xpro counter module to choose from a variety of cool hover effects that suit your website branding. You might check our blog post to explore beaver builder counter module.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Counter module for Beaver Builder?

Counter is a powerful module of Beaver Builder to add dynamic counters to your web pages, which can display numerical data like statistics or numbers related to your business, such as the number of customers, products sold, downloads, or social media followers.

How do I add a Counter module in Beaver Builder?

To add a Counter module to your Beaver Builder page, follow these steps:

  1. Open the page in Beaver Builder.
  2. Click on the "+" icon to add a new module.
  3. In the module search bar, type "Counter" and select the Counter module.
  4. Drag and drop the Counter module onto your desired location on the page.
  5. Configure the module settings to customize the appearance and behavior of the counter.

For further, you might check our guide on how to use counter module for beaver builder.

Can I apply counter module on any WordPress theme?

Yes, you can apply counter module on all beaver builder themes and templates.

Is counter module for beaver builder free?

This is a pro module in beaver builder. You can get this module from Xpro beaver builder addons premium pack at an affordable price with beaver builder pro modules, themes, and beaver builder templates.

Are there any advanced features or add-ons available for the Counter module?

Xpro Beaver Builder offers several add-ons that can enhance the functionality of the Counter module and provide additional features. These add-ons might include options for advanced animations, pre-designed counter styles, integration with third-party services, and more.