Beaver Builder Announcement Bar Module | Saved rows & More!

Pro Module

Beaver Builder Announcement Bar Module

Say goodbye to annoying pop-ups! With Beaver Builder, you can now display discounts, upcoming videos, & more in the tiny horizontal bar. What's more? You can add images, videos, and even saved rows to it - all without coding!



Your Ultimate Kit to Designing An Awesome Announcement Bar !

Get your hands on ultra-advanced features! Create a captivating message bar to mesmerize viewers!

Content Type

Put Any of the 5+ Content Types on Display!

You can add videos, content, icons, & more to the announcement bar! Choose from a variety of options to design a bar that perfectly matches your requirements! 


Saved Row

Show Any Saved Row & Module With Class!

Now, you can add saved rows & modules to your announcement Bar without coding! Display timers, animated headings, and any possible rows/modules!


Display Your Brand Videos!

Like never before, with the best Beaver Builder announcement bar module, you can put videos on the bars! Simply, input the Video link!


Take You Announcement Bar to A Whole New Level!

Experience the Joy of Freedom Designing! Adjust the bar height and width of the announcement as per your preferences!


Input Link

Insert Links to Redirect Visitors to New Pages!

Along with displaying your promotions, offers, discounts, and other notifications, you can also input links to redirect the audience to the desired page.

Bottom Border

Stylize Your Announcement Bar With Bottom Border

Make your announcement bars more appealing and attractive with bottom borders. Choose from multiple border types, adjust the width and stylize it as per your preferences!


Place Your Announcement Bar

Choose Your Desired Position to Display Announcement Bar

Freely put your bars on top or bottom of web Pages. Win the chance to awe your Viewers without overdesigning your web pages!



Set Cookies and Decide a Time Frame to Display Announcement Bar

Don't want the bar to appear repeatedly? Set cookies And decide a specific timeframe to show the announcement Bar!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is an announcement bar module for Beaver Builder?

It is an easy-to-use module that lets users add customizable announcement bar to their websites. Moreover, this addon provides numerous stylization and customization options such as the option to add saved rows, videos, and more.

Can I display my latest product demo video with this module?

Yes! The announcement bar module by Xpro Beaver Builder Addons lets you display product videos without writing a single line of code. You can purchase their premium pack to get started with this addon.

How can I get the announcement bar module for Beaver Builder?

To get this module, you need to first install Xpro Addons for Beaver Builder - Lite and purchase one of their Beaver Builder Premium Packs. Once done, they’ll assign you a license key. Finally, go to your main WordPress dashboard and select Xpro Addons > Settings and input the key to access the pro Beaver Builder announcement bar module.

Which announcement bar module is the best?

The announcement bar by Xpro offers you an easy-to-use interface, loads of customization options, optimal customer support, advanced features, and complete freedom over the stylization options. This addon is truly amazing and the best one out there!

Why and when should I use the announcement bar module?

You can use the announcement bar to display brand videos, case studies, discount offers, etc. This addon can help you present information in sleek message bars that don’t take up too much space and can be easily closed with one click. As a result, it helps you deliver your message effectively without offending the viewers.